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Francisco Gierbolini

Francisco Gierbolini



My work is largely inspired by who I am, my beliefs, my ideas and my way of seeing life. Through my work, I try to convey emotions and thoughts. Seeking the photographs express how I feel, but also give room for others to interpret my work, so viewers can do my work, his own. My intention is to evoke the memories of each person through my work, so that according to their life experiences, my photographs make you think. Captured moments, which always have two versions, I want to make and also what my audience wants to feel at my work. Trying to make my photographs speak "in a thousand languages." I am a creative artist with experience in various media related to photography such as fashion, film, video and print. I enjoy looking at inner beauty through photography. I use art style in black and white photos all around us (I emphasize the social). Coordinate shades and colors depending on the type of message or photo that I will capture meeting each project or goal that can see through my portfolio. For me, each photograph is a work of art, each person or object "pause" in time has a story to tell. My intention is to capture images of dreams, illusions, perceptions, important moments, finally, to shape the life. Because as said Calderon de la Barca, "life is an illusion, life is a frenzy, that all life is a dream, and dreams remain dreams." My photographs are "tabular shallow" where the unwritten text, has an unlimited extension. As a photographer I hope to be able to impact a greater number of recipients and can see my background, and feel that through the years, I hit with the essence of my photographs, adapting the technique to the times and the message. Currículum Vítae Education BAC in Photography, with Publicity and Education Sacred Heart University, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cum Laude 2010 BBA in Marketing with Photography Universidad Interamericana, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1998 Professional Experience Freelance Photographer, Works in Advertising, Portrait, Automotive, Fashion, Aquitecture, Photojournalist, B&W and Education 1992-present Director of José "Pepin" Méndez Gallery, organizing exhibitions of art and photography. Sacred Heart University, San Juan, PR. 2007-2009 Photographer and videographer for Greco V Films, "Reflex Point." Sci-fi, PR. 2007-2008 Photography, Graphic Design, Programming, and Consulting Developing web site, Dream Tech Enterprises, Inc., San Juan, PR. 2005-2006 Photographer, Television Producer and Technical Director Entertainment Production DV, San Juan, PR. 2001-2003 Photographer and Digital Producer of "Living La Moda”. San Juan, PR. 2000-2001 Exhibitions AFUSC collective, "Project Photo Web”, University of the Sacred Heart(USC), PR. 2011 AFUSC collective, "Photo Finish”, University of the Sacred Heart(USC), San Juan, PR. 2010 AFUSC collective, "Tende'era IV”, University of the Sacred Heart(USC), San Juan, PR. 2010 AFUSC collective, "Tende'era III”, Plaza las Americas, San Juan, PR. 2009 Collective "Photo and Film Sacred", Galería José "Pepin" Mendez, San Juan, PR. 2007 Individual Exhibition "A La Costa del Mar", JPM Gallery, San Juan, PR. 2007 Seminars and Workshops "See What Is not Visible." Carlos Segura, San Juan, PR. 2009 "Photoshop CS4." Edgar Ramirez, Adobe Product Manager, NEXYS, San Juan, PR. 2009 "Secure Online Publication. Atty. Chloe Georan, Cyber Law Clinic, School of Law, University of Puerto Rico and Creative Commons San Juan, PR. 2009 "Photoshop CS2 Workshop." Russell Brown, San Juan, PR. 2005 Memberships American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. (ASMP) 2010-2012 The Association of Photography USC (AFUSC). 2008-2010 The Students' Council (USC). 2007-2009 International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO). 2000-present. Outstanding Achievement "Portico Award" in recognition of outstanding personal improvement and excellence (USC). May, 2009 Dean's List, recognition for academic excellence (USC). Nov., 2007
  • Canon 50D
  • Canon 20D
  • Canon 70D
  • 28-135mm
  • 75-300mm
  • Speedlite 580EX II
  • iMac
  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone

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