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Frankie Concha

Frankie Concha



Frankie Concha is at the vanguard of new artistic expression. Still in his twenties, he has won a number of prizes and spots within the Southern California art scene. Displayed in festivals like Long Beaches RAW artist talent exhibition, and Stay Gallery for the freshest artists of note in Los Angeles. Having sold pieces for hundreds of dollars Concha's photography shows a darker side to the subjects he captures. With limited light and plane backgrounds the subject is brought into full view, with every flaw, and perfect line culminating in the complex image of what their beauty or message is. Frankie was disillusioned with the majority of other artists in his field in what might be known as the the ugly art of beauty. The sexulisation of bodies to be viewed as erotic props rather than persons with character and the idealization of form so traditional that many would consider themselves unfit to be a subject of beauty in a work of art. Concha works within an artistic process that involves understanding the subject of his next photograph as best as possible to convey not only the character of the person but even a glint of their spirit. Utilizing elements from the industrial portrait style in that elements such as furniture or props can often be used to help visually express the interior ideals of the subject. He attended the Art Institute North Hollywood for several months. A semester into the institute Frankie was diagnosed with cancer. He struggles with the illness in chemo treatments for nearly three years. In that time he continued to photograph and hone his skills. He is now free of cancer, and expected to remain as healthy as he currently is. He said of his time with the illness 'it made him view his art with new clarity. It solidified his views of art not merely being an expression of beauty of its own sake nor as a cheep fetishisation of the female (but occasionally male as well) body. In his sickness, practicing his craft he learned the true tools of his craft more proficiently than the AI Nor. Hollywood could ever have taught him. Photography for him is not a financial game. There is money to be maybe in commercial fair of the cheep and pandering, but he longs to find an audience who will find pleasure in a real, honest show of self expression.' He views a healthy relationship between an artist and audience to be that of two textual interpretations. His as the artist's intent is not the full meaning of a work. Rather the combined meanings of the artist and audience members in a discussion makes the meaning of a work of art. The artists who have inspired the creating of Frankie Concha are Erland Mork (known for his Experiment series), Daniel Turntenstall, Anasel Adams who would sit patently in a fixed spot for hours to achieve the correct lighting in his nature shots of North America, and Anne Lebowitz who created astounding portraiture and cast great group photos on vast sets.
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