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Francesco Valerio

Francesco Valerio



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Empusa pennata

Published January 24th, 2012

This report concerns one of my last sessions of 2011 macro photography.

It was late October and diapause of arthropods was imminent, despite the session began at 6:00 AM I had to wait until 1: 00 pm to find a subject photographable.

Various stakeholders have escaped to a controlled release, or were so small as to fall and disappear in the grass.

My research has since moved on rocks, looking for something. At first it all seemed so still and unchanged. When looking at dried plants I found a guest perfectly at home there.

The meeting made ​​me just emphasize, because it is probably the dream of many photographers meet a Mantis free in nature.

After been angried at my presence has gradually accepted my invitation to get in right profile.

Is a female and represents well the theme autumn.

Probably has never been detected in that place.

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