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I’m a German native living in America, most interested in nature and travel photography. Earlier in my life, I shot film with a Nikon FM2 and at some point somehow forgot what photography meant to me. In late 2011, I rediscovered my love for taking pictures and bought a used Leica X1 that I’ve been carrying around with me ever since.

I love the arts and I believe that photographers can learn a lot from painters. Therefore, my approach to photography is highly driven by the idea of exploring light and composition. By putting a camera in front of our human eye, we learn to see things differently. It’s that joy of exploring the unexpected, of looking at shapes, colors, and textures in a different way, what makes photography so special to me.

When not chasing golden hours or traveling, I’m with my wife Payton, in Mill Valley, California.



  • Leica X1
  • Canon 7D

Mill Valley, California, United States

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