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Gabrielle Colton

Hey guys, my name is Gabi, I am a Native American photographer from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in Oregon. I left home five years ago and moved across the country by myself. I was sad for a long time to be thousands of miles away from my family and tribe, but as I begun to find my calling and let the passion for photography consume all of my days, my sadness slowly drifted farther away. Every day I sit on the porch and watch the trees sway, I reflect on how far I’ve walked, and how much farther I have to go. as their branches mesmerize me I dream of the rest of my life, I dream of the trees my art will take me to, and all the people whose soul’s will touch my camera and my heart. I sit on the porch every day and dwell on how hard the rest of my path is going to be, but then I remember that I was given the strength to walk the whole road and I was given the fear to push me and passion to lead me.

I always knew I would have to overcome an enormous amount of adversity to be an artist, to experience heartache and terror that would shape my art. I didn’t expect these experiences would be so beautifully passionate, inspiring, terrifying and painful all at once. I thank the creator every day for the humans that have hurt me, poisoned my kind soul and even those who have turned my life into a hopeless, seemingly endless storm. He led these people to me to rip me apart and shatter my soul, so that I would pick up the pieces and carefully place them exactly where they were meant to be. Then I thank him for the beautiful souls, the souls who cross my path right before it turns to rocky cliffs. They take my hands and we turn left, we walk side by side on a fresh path, lined with wildflowers. It runs alongside the deep trenches, but they remind me to back up when I get too close to the edge. Every single soul and experience I have had with them, big or small, amazing or terrifying has given me deep fiery passion, understanding and compassion. They’ve given me the drive to show you the things that make my heart beat, the things that make my bones ache and the things that call me far away uncontrollably.

The ocean is always calling for me. She speaks to me when I watch the trees, she’s longing for me to come home.

P.S, I am addicted to pizza, trap music, my two matching poodles and the color blue.

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