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Gaetan Cormier

Gaetan Cormier



My passion for photography began back in the early 90’s when I subscribed to a photography course (by mail) given by a Californian school. From that course, I learned the basic rudiments of photography. But my best learning was getting out there with my trusted Pentax K1000 shooting many rolls of film. Early 2000, I was much into stormchasing, so I spent alot of time taking photos of storm structures and lightning, it’s at that time that I also discovered digital photography. In 2007, I took the plunge and equiped myself with a home studio where I discovered studio photography collaborating with many aspiring models. I began making a name for myself in this. It’s in 2013 that I started to get bored of shooting digital and started to think coming back to film photography. I find film photography more challenging as it requires better planning to take THE shot and processing my own film is plain fun! I’m happy to say that now, I’m a 100% film shooter and I enjoy it more than ever!
  • Bronica SQ-A (6x6cm)
  • Yashica FX-D
  • Plaubel Peco Profia 4x5
  • Nikon F90X
  • Zero Image 2000 pinhole

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