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Giovanni Antico

Giovanni Antico



Photographer & filmmaker, shooting still & motion pictures. Loving landscapes and timelapse.

Driving in Iceland

Published September 30th, 2013

Pictures taken while shooting my short timelapse film Waterfalling in love with Iceland: vimeo.com/gantico/waterfalling.

You hardly get bored while driving around Iceland: when not contemplating the beautiful variety of the landscape your are probably busy in taking care of all the different risks. I've been mostly on the Route 1, the main road, aka the Ring road. It is the national and major road, but still has a few parts with an unpaved gravel surface. Most smaller bridges are single lane and made of wood and/or steel. Although paved, some portions of the road are still the original 1940s country roads, and contain hazards such as blind curves and blind hills, one lane bridges, and narrow passes. When you happen to find yourself in a hazard part with very bad weather you really need to concentrate on driving safely.

When the weather gets better you can be surprised by breathtaking views. You can feel like being in commercial for a brand new car, in an epic movie or tv serie, in a ...

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Published September 29th, 2013

Some of my night shots

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