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Figuring Out 500px

Published July 5th, 2011

After less than 24 hours of belonging to 500 px, I've figured out that...

... this isn't Flickr. Though I'm not quite certain how it fits in just yet. Some thoughts and observations.

1. I was surprised by how quickly I got feedback from various other 500px users. I don't know it this is because of the number of users, the newness factor, or because people here are more inclined to connect.

2. The format that I use for online photograph posting elsewhere - with a border and text "branding" - may not work as well here. I need to think this through in terms of my own web workflow and in regards to certain other issues.

3. The option to sell prints through 500px seems interesting, probably in tandem with custom print sales through my own blog - but I haven't quite gotten my mind around how that would work just yet.


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