Gemma Burleigh

Gemma Burleigh



My main inspiration is music. Photography changed my life, Passenger change my world! The first song I ever heard from passenger was Table for one, and I can honestly say I have never been the same since. His words wrapped round my body like a dress woven from the most captivating material ever worn. As I listened I saw a million images, colours, and textures dance inside my mind. I knew I had been inspired. Tingling with all these new creations living within my imagination, I have never stopped dreaming since and his music inspired me so much I named my website with a line from one of his songs. Mike, you have gifted my mind with a true treasure, a new type of raw spark and for that I am truly thankful. Inspired by music that speaks… I listen, I imagine and I create.

Spring Collection

Published February 28th, 2014

Been working on a portfolio with a local model.

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