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Though I have been fortunate enough to experience a variety of photography styles- people, travel, and documentary I can truly say I found my place and am greatly inspired as an artist/photographer documenting the natural world. My curiosity and concern for particular environments, along with the beauty they offer, is what lures me in and play a major part in my work. There’s a different story in every location, every turn and every minute that goes by, a different reality, which drives the energy of my work, not just photographing the big picture, but capturing the odd, less seen or passed by. As I view the subjects through my lens a certain intimacy is created, that of becoming one with my subject, giving me a glimpse into its soul. I strive to create an image that evokes thought and emotion through this process and hope that it speaks to you, the viewer, in a meaningful way. I have a deep connection to the natural world, sensitivity to its beauty, existence and survival. I feel it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of this magnificent land and its inhabitants. There’s a delicate balance that exists between nature and humans. To alter or intervene in its natural process is a risk we take that could ultimately destroy us. I believe this balance is the delicate thread that holds us all together as a planet.
  • Canon 5D Mark lll
  • Canon 7D
  • 24-105mm, 100-400mm, 70-200mm,180mm macro,500mm, lensbaby system (scout, Composer Pro)
  • 500mm
  • 17-40mm
  • iPhone
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