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Gema Saiz fine art photography

Gema Saiz fine art...



Though I have been fortunate enough to experience a variety of photography styles- people, travel, and documentary I can truly say I found my place and am greatly inspired as an artist/photographer documenting the natural world. My curiosity and concern for particular environments, along with the beauty they offer, is what lures me in and play a major part in my work. There’s a different story in every location, every turn and every minute that goes by, a different reality, which drives the energy of my work, not just photographing the big picture, but capturing the odd, less seen or passed by. As I view the subjects through my lens a certain intimacy is created, that of becoming one with my subject, giving me a glimpse into its soul. I strive to create an image that evokes thought and emotion through this process and hope that it speaks to you, the viewer, in a meaningful way. I have a deep connection to the natural world, sensitivity to its beauty, existence and survival. I feel it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of this magnificent land and its inhabitants. There’s a delicate balance that exists between nature and humans. To alter or intervene in its natural process is a risk we take that could ultimately destroy us. I believe this balance is the delicate thread that holds us all together as a planet.
  • Canon 5D Mark lll
  • Canon 7D
  • 24-105mm, 100-400mm, 70-200mm,180mm macro,500mm, lensbaby system (scout, Composer Pro)
  • 500mm
  • 17-40mm
  • iPhone

From Shell to Rock

Published March 9th, 2013

About 125,000 years ago, the ocean covered Jupiter Island and much of Florida Ocean currents deposited drifting sea shells and sand to form an underwater bar. Rock formed when lower sea levels exposed the bar, cementing sand and small colorful shells called "coquina". The exposed coquina rocks at Blowing Rocks Preserve is the largest outcropping of the Anastasia Formation, which occurs between St. Augustine and southern Palm Beach County.

The rock outcropping creates a unique marine and land environment. Some marine animals attach to the rock, while others use it for shelter. While sometimes serving as a protective barrier to the beach, the rock can also increase beach erosion and intensify salt spray. Over time erosion creates blow holes, shooting salt spray up to 50 feet in the air. ~ Nature Conservancy

Yesterday we had an opportunity to experience Blowing Rocks in all its glory. I personally had never been exposed to this type of environment before and must admit I felt a little ...

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Published February 14th, 2013

On this national day of "recognizing " love ,

I wish all of you a life filled with many forms of love,

so it will be well lived.

May you always find peace within your soul,

love within your heart.

Know that true love doesn't hold on,

but lets go,

doesn't hold grudges, but rather, forgives,

isn't mean spirited, but kind and gentle.....

may you fly free on its wings.



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Ancient Wisdom

Published February 13th, 2013

Lao Tzu

(4th century BCE)

Tao Te Ching


Beauty and ugliness have one origin.

Name beauty, and ugliness is.

Recognizing virtue recognizes evil.

Is and is not produce one another.

The difficult is born in the easy,

long is defined by short, the high by low.

Instrument and voice achieve one harmony.

Before and after have places.

That is why the sage can act without effort

and teach without words.

nurture things without possessing them,

and accomplish things without expecting merit:

only one who makes no attempt to possess it cannot lose it.


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View from my window

Published February 13th, 2013

Some of the most enjoyable moments in life are the ones that occur so unexpectedly.

Every year these buntings come to visit me, from winter through summer, sometimes staying much longer than anticipated, all the way through fall. I always enjoy seeing these beautiful little creatures and think that I’m so blessed to be able to have them in my own back yard. I don’t really do anything special, other than provide feed and water….nature takes care of the rest.

This was one moment where they were at their cutest….from Mr. and Mrs. Bunting perching on their love bench to going for a nice bath in the birdbath afterwards. It seems the Mrs. Was having a ball!

Peace~ Gema

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Last Light

Published February 12th, 2013

I stumbled upon this trail, which had been intriguing me for some time, at around 4:00PM. Not knowing how long it would take me to go round trip I thought I would just take a couple of photographs at the entrance and call it an early day. But curiosity struck! I just had to go in a little further and favorite thing to do when out in nature. As I walked through this dense buttonwood forests, I saw a variety of landscapes along the way. This wasn't just a forest, it was much more than you will see in the other posts. This particular spot was lit by the sun so perfectly, like magic unfolding in front me. I felt like a small child inside a storybook, more like a fairy tale. No monsters or evil witches here, just the sound of the wind softly blowing and the warmth of the sun peeking through the leaves. In that moment, where I was suspended in my own fantasy, time seemed to stop and the rest of the world, with all of its woes, was nonexistent….The name of this trail y ...

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