Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud

Name : Georges-Emmanuel ARNAUD (a.k.a GEizm)

Location : where-ever-you-need-me.

Enjoys : Photography, Book, Cooking, Long Colored Socks.

Bio : “Born in martinique on 1982 , school of photography in paris on 2004, and then making pictures while waiting for the Messiah’s return”.

Client as Photo Retoucher : Sarah Moon, Robert Delpire, Frederic Chaubin, Madame Figaro, GREY Magazine, Your Aangel Models, The Observer Magazine, Dior Homme, Maurizio Galante, Télérama, Albin Michel, Swarovski Crystallized, Le Monde, L’Express Style, Vogue Korea, Acne Paper, Stern, Ten Magazine, Wunderkind.

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