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Summer Robin

Published August 13th, 2011

While out cutting the grass a few days ago on a rare dry day in August, I head some shuffling in the shrubs. Curious as to what was making the noise I got the camera out, complete with a new 300mm zoom lens I had just bought.

Withing a few minutes, a Robin appeared from the bushes and then flew up onto a post, where it sat happily for a few minutes almost posing for the camera. Apparently Robins are not often seen in summer time - it's certainly the only one I can remember - as they are moulting, as can be seen by the patchy feathers here.

Summer Robin.


  • Nikon D300S
  • 300mm / f/5.599 / 894785/447 sec

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Gerard Callaghan  almost 5 years ago
Thanks Jonathan! It was in no hurry to fly off, unlike some of the other birds in the garden which take off at the slightest noise or movement.
Troy Smith (inactive)  almost 5 years ago
Great shot! Definitely looks like it was posing for the new lens!