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Germán Ruiz

Germán Ruiz

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Germán Ruiz Is a Colombian photographer who has developed his skills under renowned instructors from Germany, UK, USA and Canada. His equipment is at the forefront of photographic technology, and his post-production techniques are cutting edge thanks to advanced technology expertise acquired during his earlier career as a systems engineer, currently he is deepening their knowledge at the New York Institute of Photography. As a photographer he is very creative with a unique style, and a view of the world that understands the beauty of what appears behind his lens. He is known for his sophisticated images and special attention to detail. Now is a member of “Enfoque Visual” Magazine staff, and writes articles, and reviews, also is an speaker, leader and influencer with more than 90.000 followers in social media networks.
  • Fujifilm X-Pro2
  • Fujifilm X100T with WLC and TLC
  • Fujinon 90mm F/2
  • Fujinon 16mm F/1.4
  • Fujinon 23mm F/1.4
  • Fujinon 56mm F/1.2
  • Profoto Light Shaping Tools
  • Profoto B2 Location Kit
  • Manfrotto and Avenger Light Stands
  • Really Right Stuff CF Tripod + Accesories
  • Vanguard Auctus Plus CF Tripod
  • 2 LG Ultrawide 34" curved Monitors
  • Wacom Intuos 5 Medium
  • Asus Xeon Workstation
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2
  • Profoto Collapsible Reflectors
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