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Ghulam Rasool

What is life…what is the meaning of all this…since early years in my life these questions have been haunting me and I have been exploring to know and find out the answers of my observations...The life has always been flowing like silent water but the monsoon clouds, winter rains, rising and dying of the sun, growing and vanishing moon, the movement of stars and galaxies. The time of Fajar and the magical and immensely powerful rhythmic forces have always been inviting my soul to converse, explore and learn from them.

I could never find peace inside until I decided to live this life to learn about these forces of nature, living with them in harmony, learning the eternal message of nature and expressing it for the benefit of my fellow creatures. I was an observer and so picked up the camera to share my feelings and emotions.

Experimenting many years with the various forms of photography my journey was going on at its pace...until something inside my soul urged me to have a deeper interaction with Nature.

Whether it was the lonely starlit night in the deserts of Cholistan or the eagles flying over frozen rivers of Gilgit-Baltistan. The first light falling on the snow covered Himalayas or the vast fields of millions of wild flowers in Deosai, whether it was the song of the nightingale in the early hours of twilight in Hingol National Park or the sound of the gushing springs in Palas valley. Countless deep experiences with Nature spoke to my heart that ‘ it’s all here’…the answer of all my questions is written here…I just had to reflect, ponder and contemplate to find it… I have a firm belief that these signs of nature are in fact telling us everything related to our very reason of existence and the ultimate destiny awaiting us.

From the innocent smile of a child working bare foot in an auto workshop to the painful deep sigh of a woman standing in the sun holding only three potatoes in a plastic wrap waiting for the bus, the plight of a poor man outside the emergency department of a hospital to the sight of a youth being ruined in drug addiction I have found a purpose in my photography…Why is this happening...Why is there suffering and how are we responsible...How can the signs of nature help us create a better society where every other person contributes towards prosperity, freedom, justice and peace?

I am all for the nature conservation as I am also the part of this ecosystem and whatever I do affects this ecosystem. Our very own survival is based on the integrity of all ecosystems.

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