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Gianluca Laurentini

When I was young, 6 or 7 years old, my father lent me his camera, an Olympus OM1. In that moment I started to love photography and to study it's rules.

In the first year I shot some photos mainly when I went to mountains, I felt the need to capture what I saw.

Many of these photos are still only on film and I have not passed them in digital format, but just knowing that they exist is a comfort to me.

Now I love to photograph mountains landscape, travel photography and motorsport. I like to photography my city, Rome, and give to foreigner my personal point of view about.

In the last years I had the possibility to make some personal exhibition, you can read more about in the awards area of my web site.

I don't like so much to partecipate to contest, for me photography it's the art to give emotions to other person with an image.

If you like my photos you can contact me, your opinion it's important for me.