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What I've learned

Published December 30th, 2011

I've been in 500px for over a month now and have observed a few things.

- There are photographs. I prefer them, it's what I know. I'm drawn to documentary work and photos that reflect thought at the time of capture.

- There are images. Some are very nice, some are out of my "Like' range because they exceed what I relate to. I don't think I can cross that line with what I post. Enhancing is different than altering. I want to accept it but I'm struggling with this difference and how those decisions are made.

- The amount of Likes and Favs and such can effect a person. Yet, in spite of being new in here, and having lower "numbers", I look at the photographs that I post and get excited about them. They mean as much to me now as when I took them. Only I know the back-story of each photo, and that matters, that inspires.

- I still like black & white very much, even though I have not shot it for decades.

- I can get zero views in this site, but if I tweet an image, I'll have 20 views in two minutes - and because I have many twitter followers. I wish 500px worked better in getting a person more views or grouping interests, like google circles can. I'm certain I miss viewing a lot of great work. It's not where is could be, but I Like it. The iPad app is fun.

- Naked women are a major subject, especially in Favorites. Many are tasteful. some are not. Certainly I can filter them all out to look at what is interesting to me, but some photographers can make a statement with their nudes and I don't want to exclude their efforts. It is important to them. Others that go for shock value, not so much.

- Posting on an international site, and many members seem to be from Europe, is a good experience, except for the time differences, which is such an unknown. When is a good time to post in a 24 hour cycle?

- Lastly, I'm thrilled that I can view a vast amount of work - and in real time. It demonstrates the beauty and power of photography in a way I have never seen before - and I've been at it for over 35 years. It makes me think, and that is a very good thing.

Thanks to all of you that contribute with your work, your comments and your support of each other and the medium.

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Sonny Hamauchi  over 4 years ago
what I've learned . . . I've learned that there is no rhyme or reason how the rating system works. Then the system only works on a 30 day basis. If after a while no one looks at your photo the ratings drop drastically. I also cannot figure out what time is best to post. I work in the evenings so my choices are before 1PM EST or after 12:30AM EST. this site also works greatly on how many people follow you & vie versa. Sometimes I don't have enough time to visit all the people I have chosen to follow. It feels like another full time job which I really don't have time for.