Inspired by the works of leading water drop artists such as Markus Reugels, Heinz Maier and others, I wanted to take similar photographs. After checking commercially available solutions for timing high-speed photographs, I decided to develop my own control unit. This has started as a purely private hobby-project (which it still is today) and has resulted in the device known in the meantime as GlimpseCatcher. The GlimpseCatcher has been quite successful with a number of photographers and today I am honoured and proud that leading water drop artists such as Markus Reugels, Heinz Maier and others are using my GlimpseCatcher for creating their art. Due to the ongoing success, I continue to assemble individual units of the GlimpseCatcher on demand and in very restricted quantities. In case of interest, please drop me a note at for any further information. Thank you very much.
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