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glenn bemont

glenn bemont



I lived in Africa till my mid 20's and since then in London. Love to travel and love to take pictures when travelling. Most of my pictures are of landscapes and nature although I will photograph anything. All creatures pictured are wild unless otherwise stated. I take a slightly journalistic/documentary researcher type approach to my travel photography in that I like to record things that are visually interesting about a country (be that an animal, landscape, building, etc) and then show these pictures (even if these are sometimes not my best pictures). If you think any of my photograph descriptions/explanations are incorrect, please let me know. I am not always familiar with the birds, animals, etc. that I take pictures of and sometimes I will get the description wrong. I am happy to be corrected. Naturally I am available to be sent on exotic photography assignments anywhere in the world. :) Here are some of my pics:

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