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Gorazd Golob

Gorazd Golob



For almost two decades, Gorazd Golob has been active in the field of nature photography. When he first visited the Republic of South Africa, he fell in love with the continent, the savannah and the animals and this love has only increased when he has been exploring the beauty of nature on several continents. For him the biggest luxury has become places with millions of stars somewhere deep in the Kalahari and Namib Desert, in the jungles of Middle Africa and Amazonia and islands in the North Sea. He has travelled over a large part of southern Africa (the Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda), Europe, where he mostly photographs birds (England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, Romania etc.), India, Ecuador, USA etc. He mostly photographs animals and nature, but lately he also been dedicating some time to taking photos of people, who he meets or only observes on his travels. For his series of black and white photos of animals, animals in movement, and other photos he has received various awards, i.e. PX3, IPA awards, Color awards, Black and White Spider awards etc. His photos have been published by Nikon Slovenia, Nikon Poland, Slovenian magazine Digitalna Kamera, Black&White magazine etc. He has photographed lodges for clients in Zambia, guided photo tours for the American agency Trogon Tours in the USA and Ecuador. He also organises photo tours, mainly in Africa and different places in Europe, where he finds the best places to photographing birds and other animals. He had many personal photo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad and he participate in group exhibitions. He is a longstanding member of the Celje Photographic Society and regularly collaborates with the Slovenian photo magazine Digitalna Kamera, for which he publishes articles on travel and nature and trials of photo equipment. His website:
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