Alberto Patiño Douce

Photography is my way of celebrating the beauty of the natural world. I am a scientist by vocation and by profession, and I approach photography as a science. I want my photos to be as beautiful as possible, but also as faithful to the subject as possible, as we humans cannot improve on what has taken nature four and a half billion years to accomplish. We can only try to show in our photos what our minds and our hearts can see, but our cameras can't. Photography is simply a tool that allows us to accomplish this.

I don't approach photography as art. I am therefore not interested in Photoshop, in HDR, nor in any other techniques that make it possible to manipulate images, add extraneous elements and create collages that don't reflect the real world. When you look at my photographs I want you to see only the beauty of the world and to forget about the photo and about the photographer. These pages are my vision of Earth, mostly taken from nature but, in a few cases, from the work of humans as well. Please join me in celebrating our world. I would be delighted to have you share your thoughts in my guestbook.

Technical note, in case you are interested. I shoot with Olympus Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras, Olympus Zuiko Digital lenses, Olympus Zuiko OM manual focus lenses, and Konica Hexanon manual focus lenses. Why these choices? Because no sensor is better than the lens that you put in front of it. There are cameras with larger sensors, and they have many followers. There are very few lenses better than these (and none from the most popular camera makers). You can increase your megapixels as much as you want, but optical quality is an analog concept. I only shoot in raw format, and process my images with Lightroom and, in a few cases, with DXO Pro and Photo Ninja.

And more fine print. I am the author of all of the images on this website, and I hold the copyright on all of them. Please do not use them in any medium, electronic or otherwise, without my explicit written authorization. Although I am not at this time offering my photographs for sale, please contact me if you believe that any of the photographs on this website may be of interest for commercial purposes, or if you would like to discuss specific assignments. I am always open to discussing mutually beneficial arrangements.

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