Gregory Pepion

I was a child artist, able to draw realistically by the time I was six years old. I wanted to pursue a direction in the arts as I grew older. Although I have the talent, I didn't have the patience for an artist type career and wanted another artistic type venue. Photography fills that void for me. I first got started in Photography in 1986, while serving in the Army in Germany. I purchased my first SLR, a Nikon, (don't remember the specific name) and three or four lenses(don't remember those much either). I took self help courses to learn every technical thing I could about camera gear, and photography in general. I loved taking my camera everywhere, basically taking a lot of snapshots.

Everything was stolen in a car jacking back in 1991. It took awhile, but I eventually got myself a Pentax K-1000, and a couple of lenses. When I was attending the University of Oregon, I traded up to an Olympus OM-1, and four lenses. It was with this camera that I started dabbling with colored filters, while mostly using black and white film. I even took a couple of photography courses at U. of O., where I began developing my own film. I sure do miss that darkroom smell.

In 2005, I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 8800. I gave away my OM-1 gear, thinking that an advanced 8Mp point and shoot was all I would need and digital was the only way to go. I ended up regretting that decision, with that Nikon Coolpix being the only camera I ever hated, something I never believed possible. I missed my Olympus. After saving enough, in 2009 I purchased my first DSLR, the newly release Canon EOS 50D. I loved that camera, and fell in love with photography all over again. Soon afterwards, I joined Flickr, where all the other great photographers I began following inspired me to take my photography to a higher level.

I'm one who believes that it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, whether it be a $5,000 fullframe dream machine, or a cheap little camera phone, but it's what you do with that camera that counts. I also don't really care about brands, something I find to be silly. I went with Canon based on looking at different brands and finding Canon to have the most comfortable layout for me. All I think that really matters, is just the desire to go out and photograph the world in whatever way you may see it.

Oh, and I'm a U. of O. grad, a veteran, work at a small print shop in Portland, Oregon, and just want to go out and take photos in my spare time. This is me in a nutshell.

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