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Greg Whitton

Greg Whitton



Semi-Professional landscape and travel photographer based in Solihull, UK. Photography is subjective and it is impossible for me to know what I like until I see it. I won't comment on an image just to gain a vote, if I like an image (for whatever reason) I will comment. It might not be the most technically perfect, or the best processed, but if I think the photographer has managed to achieve something, then I will provide a positive comment. I will never 'dislike' an image, I just simply won't comment on it! Please don't be offended if I provide a more targeted critique, I think we should all use this site more constructively to help each other, so if I think your horizon is angled, or the image is over-exposed, I'll say so, but I'll only say it to be constructive. Like I said, I never 'dislike' an image. I more than welcome similar critique of my own images...if you don't tell me, how will I improve? Please also feel free to visit my website too...there are more images on there that are not on 500px:
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