Roofs of the World

Published September 9th, 2013

When I travel, I always like to find a place, in a city, from where I can get a whole view of the town, to get my bearings, as well as get a sense of the development and urbanism.
Oftentimes, when you're at one of the highest viewpoints, all you can see are roofs - yet, I'm sure you've noticed, every city seems to have a different 'Roof Signature', which is unique and original
I'll keep adding to this set / story as I go, and I'll start with Paris - every time I go back to the country I where I was born, and especially in Paris, I'm struck by the number of clay chimneys that populate the roofs (often, lead roofs or slate).
Let me know what you think, and if you've had similar experiences. Who knows, one day, I might start a book about the Roofs of the World :-)

Best view in Paris!

View from our rental apartment, Rue Gabrielle, in Montmartre. Used to be Picasso's workshop in 1900.
Panorama composed of 20 images, stitched together in Hugin

Please click 'H' to get the black background (if you're on your computer) - I think this maximises the details in the photo

Sunset on Paris Rooftops

Taken during my last trip to Paris (June 2013), whilst staying in Montmartre.

This illustrates how many chimneys you can see on Paris roofs, from the days where every apartment had one (or many) to warm the place.

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I've also added this photo to my story: "Roofs of the World"

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Singtoo Thai  over 2 years ago
Maybe it would makes sense to start with a collection from different photographers about this subject.
Olga Apostoliuk  almost 3 years ago
I think you are right about "Roof Signature").
In my countrry - Ukrane very different cities and architecture it depends on location (west Ukraine, centre and east), history and habits, Very interesting observing