Getting started

Published April 14th, 2012

Well, I am just getting started with using 500px. Since I am setting this up on my iPad I haven't uploaded any images yet but they are coming. To see my work click on the Flickr link on this site. I am hoping to use this site to do project related work. Most of it is self assigned but I do have some commercial jobs that I might post here to. I consider myself a serious amateur since I do have a day job that is not photography related. My day job is in the IT industry. I have been doing photography for 40+ years and my love creating images has nothing but increase. I shoot every day and have a few areas that I focus on but I will save that for when I start posting. I consider myself a documentary photographeras I love documenting the things I see and experience. I am a street photographer as that is where I first developed my love of photography. I love equipment and have more camera systems than I need but rotate through dependent on what I am feeling at the time. I am never without ...

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