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Guðmundur Kári Stefánsson


I'm sorry for calling you so late, but we have no time to wait! The prospects are at 6! The prospects are at 6!! Have you seen what's happening outside? It's totally green! Everything! I'm heading out in 5. Are you with me?

Great to hear, my friend! I'm glad to hear that you decided coming along. And so spontaneously! Just leaving the things that you were doing after receiving such an abrupt and sudden call without any other notice. It makes me happy - and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Anyways, lets go, quickly! First though, a quick word of advice: be sure to take a jacket with you, grab a snack and an extra pair of socks perhaps, and join me. Lets head out, you and me, dear reader - the dreamers - into the brightly lit night!

I wonder: how will you describe them? Some of my other friends have tried filming, others have taken hand-held pictures; others pictures on a tripod; some wrote stories and poems; some just stood and leaned their head gaping just a little bit too much, straining their neck; others lied down on the cold winter snow, just lying there, absolutely still, to check if they could hear them; others tried running around and dancing - dancing with the rhythm of everything that was happening - but also to keep themselves warm. One thing I'm gonna take note of is your expression when you see them for that first time, and the plethora of foreign words and strange slang that you are bound to use to describe them as you see them. It's the same way every time; it always happens. Those first time expressions, are frozen in my brain, that crazy gaping smile, full of awe and wonder. Hell - should I maybe be focusing on capturing your expression rather than the lights themselves - it might be a worthier material. The lights will undoubtedly come again, but those first time expressions and only happen once. I'm really glad you are not one of the ones that gets irritated and hangs up the phone, just to go back to the oblivious sleep and miss out on this. Lets rejoice; we are awake; we are alive! You are one of those close friends I'll be sure to call back.

Still, they are capricious; they never wait for anybody. We have to be on the ball. There are websites out there that predicted their visibility for us, but they are never that accurate, as viewing conditions depend on many dynamic factors: cloud cover, seeing, time of day, and solar activity, and the crazy, windy, weather.

Nevertheless, here we are at the peak of the Sun-spot cycle, doing what we like. This is our project; this is what we saw:

Journeys like this made me want to study astronomy. I headed abroad, and started a PhD. I've learned and a lot, since then, but there is so much still left to do and so many things left to see; the journey continues. This is where I share our trips and adventures together.

I'll catch you on the next one!

Always your friend,
Guðmundur Kári - or just Gummi (it's easier to pronounce)

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