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Gustavo Castillo

Gustavo Castillo



It is my opinion that photography is more a language than an art. We figure out what we want to say and speak through the frame using a photographer’s vocabulary. Lens, Angle, Light, Aperture, Shutter speed and Moment. My name is Gustavo Castillo and I am a photographer in New Jersey. I care about the environment. I like nature and landscapes, Wildlife and people, Art, travel, sushi, tea and good wine, but most of all I love photography. I am happiest when I’m behind my camera seeing ideas come to life. I’m focused on portraiture and fine art and love seeing my work beautifully printed, mounted and hung on a wall. I’m often humbled by the power of a photograph. They can keep the dead alive, freeze a fleeting moment, and express unlike any other medium and I’m lucky enough to be a part of the magic. Thanks for visiting my site, Gus Castillo
  • Canon EOS Digital T2i
  • Canon Analog EOS T2i
  • Olympus OM-1
  • Kiev 88
  • Diana
  • OM Zuiko 50mm 1.8
  • OM Zuiko 28mm 3.5
  • OM Zuiko 35-70mm 3.5
  • Canon 24-105mm L
  • Sigma 50-200mm
  • Canon 50mm
  • Canon 23-90mm
  • Canon 18-55mm
  • Holga 120PC-3D Stereo Pinhole
  • Lee Big Stopper
  • Lee .6 ND Filter
  • Lee .9 Graduated ND Filter
  • Lee .6 Graduated ND Filter
  • Lee Filter System
  • Lee .3 Graduated ND Filter

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