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Hakkan Lye

Hakkan Lye



Hakkan Lye (a.k.a Sorrow Tiger) was born in Malaysia in 1977, in a small town called Penang. His love for photography began early in his career, where he started in Graphic Design and Advertising. He only formally embarked on his journey as a black and white experimental photographer in 1999 after he completed his education in the informal art school of Fine Art in Penang and furthered his learning in Kuala Lumpur. It was here where he absorbed the acute attention of fine art in photography, and subsequently evolved and redefined his visual concept vocabulary. He eventually emerged, focused on distinct points of intersection between Fine Art & Photography and considers himself one of the rare generations of artists that is inspired by the influence of Daido Moriyama and Araki. He went on to found UNFOLD, Malaysia’s Black & White Photography and Asia Monochrone Art Community and continues to feed his craft through experimental photography. He believes that art is in everything and is convinced that the pictures in his mind are best seen through the work he creates.
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