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Hamad Al Naemi

Hamad Al Naemi



Photography is like a treasure hunt. The search for that one photograph, the one that takes my breath away and stills time. if only for a heartbeat, that one and only is good for me and the people who's believe in me. a passion-drive evolution of a hobby, has so far reworded me with something I value more than all the prizes i have won "Professional Relationship and Good Friends" this why trust remains the foundation of everything I do. I believe in hard work. Creativity that surpasses pure technical perfection. I was born into a digital world, but tail have the luxury of remembering the small of developer and fixer. Photography has always been and remains my way in life, a content search for moments worth capturing, creative concepts worth bringing to life and people's stories worth telling. Clearly, I would not have the successful photography life without the full support of those people who, for reasons perhaps known only to them, just keep on believing in me: My mother, father, Abdulrahman Abedan, and my best friends
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