Hanibaael Naim

Hanibaael Naim



Photographer based in Dubai - Camper & Backpacker.
The first one I shot in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, and the second in the old souq/market  in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
<br/>The two cities are very different: Tripoli is an old city with an ancient history, while Dubai is a modern city projecting the future. Still, you can find some places in the little known streets that have many similarities and a lot in common.

Cities through photography: the similarities

Published July 23rd, 2012


Places are different from one another; but, despite their differences, they resemble us to a great extent. How many places have you visited for the first time only to feel that you had been there before? I'm not talking here about Déjà-Vu moments, but about our relationships and deep connections to places.

Sometimes, when you visit new cities or villages with an open heart and mind, you will find a part of yourself, your soul, and spirit, even if you don't like the entire place.

When I went to Washington DC, I didn't like the city. It looked like one large government office. Everyone was wearing a suit and an expressionless face. People were armed with “smart” phones in onehand, and some form of briefcase in the other. While I did not care for the cold vibes I felt there, I did like the subway very much. I went through the experience in other cities.


Through Photography, I explore places in a unique way, creative perspectives and much freer dimensions. Photography has give ...

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