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Hans Watson

Why is Hans a Photographer?

In October of 2005 he woke up and was completely blind. He was having a stroke and his brain was bleeding with such ferocity that it was actually damaging the optic nerve. His most vivid thought from those first moments was that he would never again get to see the beauty of his loved ones and the world around him. Over the next hour he would lose the ability to walk or even stand and his life would be changed forever.

After a month of recovery in the hospital Hans had learned to walk again and most of his vision had returned but he was left with a new appreciation for the beauty of the world around him. He could no longer perform his job in the tech industry so he took the opportunity to combine his passion for music with his passion for photography and his new found appreciation of the world around him.

Fun Trivia About Hans!

He grew up in an American military family. His Mom thought it would be a fun idea to give each of her kids a name common to the country where they were stationed when that child was born. They were stationed in Germany when he was born, Japan when his sister Mitsuoko was born and Okinawa when his other sister Kimiko was born.

When he was an infant, his family was stationed in Turkey. His oldest sister answered the door while holding him. An old gypsy woman grabbed him and ran off. His father gave chase and caught up with the woman rescuing him from a life of being a beggar in a middle eastern country.

When he was in elementary school his sister built a dark room in our home. She even building the enlarger from scratch. He didn’t use a camera at that time but loved to help develop the images and consequently learned the foundations of dodging and burning.

He spent my formative years in Panama City Florida.

In junior high he got sent to the principal’s office after cracking the password on the school’s network in order to play games during a particularly boring data processing class.

He first used the internet’s predecessor ARPANet to hop from modem to modem around the globe.

When the movie “Wargames” came out the local newspaper featured him in a story as a local computer hacker.

He was a sysop on a bulletin board that supported over a hundred simultaneous users.

The classic Epic Megagames computer game “One Must Fall 2097 ” was created by friends of his and the final boss Major Hans Kriessack was a combination of his name and a variation of the words “major ass kicker.”

He was a DJ and programming director at a college radio station where he interviewed numerous nationally touring acts during the late eighties and early nineties.

He helped to deploy the first broadband internet in San Antonio Texas while working for Time Warner Cable.

He tried unsuccessfully to convince Time Warner that the future of video content distribution was broadband internet.

He tried unsuccessfully to convince Time Warner that wifi was the future of networking.

He worked for the Cisco Network Security Group that created intrusion prevention and detection products.

He has two beautiful daughters. The oldest went to the University of Texas and the youngest is attending Texas A&M.

He was an extra in the film “8 Seconds” where he gained an appreciation for the rodeo and bull riders.

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