Animagic Bonn 2013

Published July 27th, 2013

Like every year I showed up at the Animagic in Bonn and took photos of the cosplayers.

See more in the Animagic set

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Amphi Festival Cologne 2013

Published July 26th, 2013

Also this year I was shooting visitors of the Amphi Festival in Cologne.

Check out the set for all the pictures

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Yahoo Weather for Bonn powered by me

Published June 16th, 2013

The YAHOO weather app for IPhone uses pictures from a flickr group. So you can post your pictures there and then these pictures are used as background images for the weather in your area. I wanted to see my images when I am at home and check how the weather is going to be. And it worked. Now several of my images are displayed for Bonn and Muffendorf.

Yahoo still needs to work on the mapping between the actually weather and the images as all the images below showed up, when it was cloudy ( Maybe the Yahoo app was also annoyed by the weather and chose pictures with better weather on intention ). But that also might have to do with the few images available for Bonn. Works well for me :-)

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Shooting in the Theater "Theater die Pathologie...

Published May 14th, 2013

Last week I did a shooting for a theater play in Bonn. I have to say that it wasn't easy to get good shots as it was quite dark and the actresses were moving a lot. With a prime lens you have to move around as well, but as the theater is the smallest one in Bonn you reach the next wall very fast :-)

The below link guides you to an article (in German) in the newspaper discussing the play and displaying an image of mine.

Actors: Maren Pfeiffer, Anne Scherliess

Director: Charlotte Schneider


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Mein erster veröffentlichter Kalender: jetzt be...

Published April 5th, 2013

Das neue Jahr ist nicht mehr weit und Weihnachten kommt schneller als man denkt. Das Wetter dafür haben wir ja schon.

Damit ihr an Weihnachten nicht mit leeren Händen unterm Weihnachtsbaum steht, gibt es jetzt meinen ersten Wandkalender in 3 verschiedenen Größen zu kaufen.

Darauf zu sehen gibt es wundervolle Katzen aus den Straßen Istanbuls und Katzen liebt ja jeder, oder?

Das ideale Geschenk für die Schwiegermutter.

Garantiert auch für Katzenhaar-Allergiker geeignet.

Also greift zu, solange der Vorrat reicht. Da jedes Exemplar frisch gedruckt wird, sollte dieser nie ausgehen. Toll, oder?

Bei uns macht sich das Erst-Exemplar in DIN A2 schon prächtig an der Wand.

Unentschlossene werde ich netterweise gegen Ende des Jahres nochmals an diese Gelegenheit erinnern.

Vielleicht gibt es bis dahin auch schon einen zweiten Kalender und ihr könnt gleich den Schwiegervater ebenfalls beglücken.

Socken muss der ja auch nicht immer bekommen.

Ich danke schon mal im Voraus! ...

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December 2012, Publication in the book "Klötze ...

Published December 23rd, 2012

A picture of the "Stadthaus" in Bonn was published in a book about buildings of the 60s and 70s.

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October 2012, Publication in the work style mag...

Published October 21st, 2012

My picture "Clockwatching" ( of the Liège-Guillemins train station was published in the Work Style Magazine.

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Amphi Festival Cologne 2012

Published July 29th, 2012

Impressions from the gothic Amphi Music Festival in Cologne, Germany:

VIII. Amphi Festival 2012 – The Orkus Open Air

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Animagic Bonn 2012

Published July 28th, 2012

Pictures from the annual comic convention Animagic in Bonn, Germany.

If you know the character's name of the individual pictures just let me know, I will then change the title to that.

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Liège-Guillemins railway station

Published May 1st, 2012

See for more infos about this fantastic and extraordinary train station by Santiago Calatrava.

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Image "Clockwork Orange" was selected for Edito...

Published May 1st, 2012

My image "Clockwork Orange" of the metro station Marienplatz in Munich, Germany was selected to Editor's Choice of 500px in April 2012. Thanks again to the 500px team!!

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Image "Blue White" was selected to Editor's Cho...

Published January 11th, 2012

My image "Blue White" of the theater in Düsseldorf, Germany was selected to Editor's Choice of 500px in January 2012.

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Cover image on the book "Der Umgang mit Risiken"

Published January 4th, 2012

A picture of abridge near the post tower in Bonn was chosen as cover image by the author Maren Stamer for her book "Der Umgang mit Risiken".

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Publication in Wall Street Journal

Published January 4th, 2012

A picture of Bonn at sunset was published in the European Wall Street Journal in an article about Bonn.

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My picture of the Post Tower was picture of the...

Published January 4th, 2012

One of my pictures of my first exhibition was selected as picture of the week by global logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. It is showing their corporate headquarter here in Bonn.

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June 2009: Exhibition "Himmel & Äad" Bonn

Published January 4th, 2012

As a follow up of my exhibition in Cologne I had also the opportunity to show my pictures at the jeweler Hild in Bonn.

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May 2009: Exhibition "Himmel & Äad" Cologne

Published December 27th, 2011

In May 2009 twenty of my photos were shown at the jeweler Kaufhold in the Cologne city center.

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March 2009: Exhibition "Ansichtssache_n"

Published December 20th, 2011

In March 2009 I had my first exhibition with mainly HDR photos in the "Familien Bildungsstätte" Bergheim, Germany. I showed 24 pictures over the duration of roughly one month.

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