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Hassan Ghumman

I'm naturally Simple and easy going Person! By profession I'm a Chartered Accountant from UK and my passionate hobby being Capturing the Nature.

Well it took me a good ray of time to finally write briefly about my passion towards Photography.

Every Human Being has a quality of being associated with Beauty (offcourse not American Beauty ;-)) and somehow everyone of us try to ray out this beauty through our voice, thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, art and the list just goes on.
It is difficult to intuition an environment just so heavenly and to stagnate it perhaps through delirious constituents of Human nature. I believe the promise of Heaven for those who do good deeds in earth by God is just a tantamount of the little bits of Beauty we see on Earth. It is indeed difficult to inference the comparison of such Beauties that we feel / observe to the one yet unseen but clearly told.

A salute to all the photographers trying somehow somewhere something to capture and to preserve the BEAUTY perhaps indefinable.


Phorographers take Pictures for a Purpose! They Do So To Give a Message to the Viewer.

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If you'd like to use one of my images for any reason or interested in getting a print of one of my photos, please contact me at or call me +96599224161 or BlackBerry Messenger Pin: 238E9621

My photography passion is dedicated to my beloved wife.

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Stay Naturally Natural…

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