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Hazrin CRIC

Hazrin CRIC

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Hazrin CRIC - under-aged in-experience grand prix snapper.... "As Formula 1 pressed its footing in Malaysia in 1999, it basically marked the start of Hazrin's profession in sports photography albeit in a small way. From the hillstand, he saw Formula 1 live on Friday’s free practice and immediately fell in love with the sports. Without hesitation, he rushed to the mall that very evening for a small camera and for the next two days he had photos of the fans and race cars from the hillstand where he was sitting. Through friends, Hazrin was introduced to the Media Team of Sepang International Circuit and they were kind enough to put him as part of the Media Centre team for all the major events. Hazrin served as their assistant for publicity – either through media releases and images from the teams and photographs from his own camera. Working with the media team had opened new doors including contacts with the international photographers, which Hazrin is the Malaysian representative for North American based online motorsport portal,, Hazrin's passion for sports, however, runs long before the inaugural Formula 1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix. It was, however, in a completely different kind of sports; but equally popular internationally. His passion for cricket runs deep since his schooldays; and still burning strongly. Apart from playing the game, he is a qualified umpire; but now had chosen to work on the sides; capturing images while enjoying the game. " Azhar Ghazali, Sepang's Circuit National Press Officer
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