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the story behind the photo..

Published July 2nd, 2012

I walk alone by the pier, listening to John Mayer and enjoying a solitude with the sunset, I see this girl taking a dip in the sea all alone and I keep walking.. I go back when it was getting dark and I see her walking in front of me toward the pier and the tide was low so it was like a sheet of a reflection and she keeps walking by the waves and let the water go through her feet.. she stops a couple of times to look at the endless sea, listening to songs and gazing into what seemed deep into her thoughts. And she keeps walking.. We both leave the beach heading toward the stairs and she walks next to me. I hesitated, I wanted to show her how beautiful the photo was. I reach the stairs while she was down wearing her shoes. I hesitate more. I stand there looking at the peaceful human being. I sit down to wear my shoes and she passes by, I stop her and tell her “Take a look at this, that’s you.”

She smiles and says “That’s nice.” I ask her if she wants it and she says its okay, and if it’s okay to put it on my website, she doesn’t say no. And then I give her my camera: “Go ahead, look at the photos I took today.” she sits by me as I was wearing my shoes and doesn’t say a word, smiling at the photos as I start talking.

“This place is amazing, the sunset was beautiful and i’m blessed to see this. I love to take photos of people, people are amazing. They are the most important thing on this planet. They tell stories. I saw this woman walking by the beach and smiling to the universe, whoever saw her smiled at her. It’s so easy to be nice to people. And it’s so beautiful. I saw you swimming alone and you were lost in thought with the music, just like I was. It helps.”

All of that, she was looking at photos and then staring at the beach and smiling, listening to me attentively. My phone rings and my friends call, I tell her I had to go for dinner and I wish her a good night, she hoped I enjoy my dinner.

And this stranger will live with me.

A lonely walk by the pier..

in Santa Monica pier..
This lovely young lady was walking with her silhouette and her shadow with her..

There's a story I might get it published for this photo.. stay around..

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