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Helminadia Ranford

Helminadia Ranford



Was born in Flores,an island in the Eastern Provinces of Indonesia, and now based in Bali-Indonesia . I am a freelance photographer and for the past few years I have been afforded many opportunities to travel around, I have learned much and become very passionate about Travel and Landscape Photography. Since I’m into Landscape Photography The Sun and Timing is an important element. I usually wait until the best light to come before photographing. This might mean waiting up till early hours in the morning so that I can set out in time to arrive before the sun has risen and capture the moments bathed in just the right colors as the sun rises. Or setting out early enough to be there at the scene for just the right time in the afternoon or early or late dusk, each part of the day has its special colours that bathe the scenes and give off a different mood to be captured, the sun and its sunlight is really an amazing and infinitely varying driver and key element of everything that we see and capture, its easy to underestimate how central it is to photography. and as a travel photographer I fill up all the time when I’m traveling with some interesting activity visiting traditional markets,research for the fascinating ceremonies and religious festivals,photographing character of the person and not just the image, and my preference is to shoot in natural light so the perfect timing will be just after sunrise 7-9am or before sunset around 3-4pm (all this depends on the time of year) Until now I am still on a journey, learning all of the way and still trying to define my own style, so for the time being there’s going to be a bit of a mixture, so please bear with me and it will come. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit and give a feedback on my work. Your comments, good or bad, are very much appreciated.


Published December 6th, 2011

I was in Bahrain about 4,5 years,very nice country and lovely people around.

I start taking pictures when I was there,a lot of interesting things to capture.

here is some of the images from Bahrain.

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