First Holy Communion

Published May 20th, 2013

Celebrating the first Holy Communion is an important event fin the Catholic Church as it signifies a person's first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Some of the photos from this wonderful celebration.

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London Underground (Jubilee Line)

Published March 14th, 2013

This is the first of several parts of a project of mine to photograph all the tube stations included in the London Underground system. With over 200 stations that compose the underground network, this project will be taking weeks and months to finish and hopefully not a year though I started this last year. Hoping for a smooth photography walk as I already encountered underground staff questioning why I am taking photos of the stations but with a charming smile and a little chat and showing the photos in my camera, I made myself clear that I'm just doing some project and doing a photography collection of all the names of the tube stations... Needless to say, I'll just use my extra time off to finish this project.

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Human Statue

Published March 5th, 2013

London is also known for people who pose as "human statue". Alongside the path of Southbank and Coventry, people performs mannequin-like posture and it has become an attraction for tourists and locals alike. These are some of the portraiture snaps of the "human statues" I took as I go for a photowalk across the city of London.

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Published November 26th, 2012

Micah celebrated his 2nd birthday with his family and friends. T'was a struggle to photograph him at first but on some occasions, he seemed to love the idea of being photographed; surely he was fascinated by the flash popping out every shot. :) His brother and friends came to celebrate with him and gladly joined in the fun.. Happy birthday again Micah..

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Published November 15th, 2012

Birthday celebration always bring joy to the celebrant and the people alike. Laughters and fun abound as Ehna celebrated her 21st birthday together with her lovable family and friends. It was a fun-filled night with everyone seemed to be in good spirit; loads of food and booze! And ohhhh I love that pair of red Vans shoes :) Happy Birthday Ehna.. here are some of the snaps :)

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Jenelle & Ligaya

Published November 5th, 2012

Two adorable "cuties" celebrated their birthday and here are some of the snapshots of the party.. Food is awesome (burp!) Thanks to Ellen and the gang for inviting me to the party.. Happy Birthday Jenelle and Ligaya!!

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Richmond Park

Published October 4th, 2012

I haven't been close enough to deers much less photographed them but I had a chance when me and some members of our photography group (PPwUK) went to Richmond Park, a vast 2,360 acre park situated in Southwest London. Though some of the variants of deer were kind of "shy" and "aloof", I was able to take some photos of those who were lazy to move around :) Have taken snaps things that show the start of the Autumn season (my favorite season) as well..

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Lahing Kayumanggi (A Filipino Cultural Dance pr...

Published October 4th, 2012

Watching this magnificent dance performances took me back to my roots. I remember my childhood days wherein we use to study different Filipino native dances but unfortunately, these cultural dances are not practiced frequently nowadays by Filipinos alike. That's why covering this event truly brings a lot of pride and awaken the nationalistic side of me.

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"The Beginning Of" | Mini-indoor Shoot |

Published October 25th, 2011

"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it..." To begin with, I don't want to give much credence to the idea that I, me, myself... will dabble into flash photography. But that night, I think it captured my heart. I still feel quite strange snapping photos of the models at that time with softboxes, modifiers, etc either behind, in-front or beside me yet there's this excitement inside me because I can see some changes coming my way on how I look on my photography style. I have always use natural lighting. (never have used flash, maybe because I really don't want to and to be more challenged) I guess I can see myself buying lighting equipment in the not-so-distant future :) Anyways, I give thanks to my fellow photographers who made it possible (opened my eyes to flash photography) to make this mini-studio shoot a great one. To Jet and Sernan who gave ample time and support (not to mention the transmitters/receivers that were borrowed and used ...

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Tom & Tin

Published October 24th, 2011

Ahh... Cumbria? Lake District? The wet weather didn't stop us... oopss did I mention rain in Cumbria? As I was told, it's always raining down there.. so as I may continue, ..... from doing the shoot. Tom and Tin are one fabulous couple! Sad to say I won't be covering their wedding shoot wahhhh.. But I'm very happy for the m! Truly it's a remarkablel feeling to be in-loved.. Early morning shower made us all wet but the fun continued. I had a great and wonderful time taking snaps on them and to my fellow shooters/MUA/hairstylist/choreographer ahem.., Zers and Ana.. The place is spectacular and I can't wait to come back down there again soon :) The sun came out in the afternoon and made the shoot more fun-tastic.. It has a been a great pleasure working with you guys :)

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Jommar & Claire

Published May 3rd, 2011

The engagement shoot took place last 6th of March 2011 at Tintern Abbey in the beautiful Wye Valley in Wales. The weather is good somehow although it's a bit chilly. Amidst the background of the Cistercian abbey of Tintern; one of the greatest monastic ruins of Wales. It was only the second Cistercian foundation in Britain, and the first in Wales. We had a fun time thanks to Jommz and Claire who painstakingly pose in every direction and position. :) They are indeed a great and a very nice couple...

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