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Heshan Jayakody

Heshan Jayakody



musician, photographer, writer...
  • Fujifilm X-E1
  • Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II
  • Nikon FM2n
  • Canon P Rangefinder
  • Lomo LC-A
  • Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f2.4-4 R LM OIS
  • Fujifilm XF 35mm f1.4 R
  • Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AI
  • Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM (M39)

A good image converter app? Here's one I found!

Published June 10th, 2013

Hey guys

It's been a while since I posted here - but I thought I'd get back on here to share with all of you this very cool little image converter app that I recently discovered. It's called Total Image Converter, and it's extremely simple to use

I've added a screenshot here to show what it basically looks like

As you can see, you just select an image (or a batch) and click one of the format icons lined up on the top. That's it. The app then converts whatever format your current image is in to whatever format you chose. The cool thing that it is able to work with many kinds of RAW image formats - along with a whole bunch of compressed image formats. This means you can convert almost anything to almost anything else - if you get what I mean! Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, TGA, PXA, PS, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PDF, and many RAW formats

It's not free - it costs $19.99 - and it's Windows only (which is why, being a Mac user, I wasn't able to use/test it as much as I would've lik ...

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my hunt for the 'perfect' compact camera

Published September 4th, 2012

alright, so perfection doesn't exist...but you can get close. that's what i was trying to do...when i got my first premium compact camera, the Fuji X10. a beautiful camera, and takes beautiful pictures too. unfortunately, it was flawed. if you've done any research on the Fuji X10, you'd have heard about the famous 'white orbs' issue with the X10 sensor. even though that maybe sorted out now, it was a bit of a hassle for me to think of giving in a brand new camera to the service center for 2 weeks to get the sensor replaced, on a brand new camera... i wanted to spend that time playing around with it and learning to use the awesome thing! and if that was not bad enough, two copies of the X10 that i owned had significant amounts of dust in the lens...and one even had a sort of smudge or smear. cleaning seemed to make it worse. turns out i wasn't the only person to have the dust-in-lens Fuji seriously needs to do a better job of quality control - a faulty sensor, and a dusty l ...

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getting started with medium format cameras

Published April 21st, 2012

so after a long time hunting, i'm expecting 3 medium format cameras early next week! ordered them at different times, but with different shipping speeds, they're all due to land around the same time. not sure if thats a good thing. the first one is a yashica mat TLR (124G) - thats the high quality vintage one that ive been waiting for a lot. last week, i also picked up two cheaper toy cameras - a holga 120N and a diana f+ - those should be fun too. im only hoping that film processing costs wont cost a lot more than 35mm over here. if so, i'll probably have to limit myself to black n white film, so i can do it myself, and scan.

i'll be posting reviews on my blog, - so be sure to check it out in a week or two. u can also check out my facebook page if ur on fb (who isnt?!) -


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ah, serious photo blogging going on

Published April 8th, 2012

i've been seriously working on my blog lately. u can find it at http://pixelogist. me - i think photographers would enjoy it. apart from that, ive continued to use film as my number 1 medium for taking photos lately. digital for important shoots that i cant afford to get wrong :D but for my usual browsing of the streets, and capturing random street life..or landscape.. anything that doesnt move, and anything im not getting paid to do.. ive been using film! that makes sense, i'd say.

processing film is going fine too. for any guys starting on their own film, i'd say dont get complacent or cocky after ur first time. my first time processing film went great. second time, i thought it'd happen perfectly again, and i didn try hard enough. got a few things a bit messed up..and the third time, i completely screwed up one part. nothing crucial, and i got great results, but caused a bit of panic by not preparing enough. haha. typical human behaviour!

anyway, i'd really appreciate some views ...

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the new blog is out

Published March 28th, 2012

my new blog, is out and online now - i like to help people, and i created this blog with the idea to help with any and every thing related to photography that i know enough to write about. theyre more like articles than casual posts.. check it out if ur interested.. and of course, sharing it, on facebook, twitter... anywhere.. would be much appreciated!

oh and thanks for all the views on all my photos right here on 500px.. i just hit 1000. best photo sharing site ever!

and the site:

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