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and here i am

Published February 11th, 2012

hello everyone

this is (obviously) my first blog post on 500px. im just going thru some of the favorite photographs that i've taken myself.

on my photography side, my main interest has been street photography. shooting landscapes is probably my second favorite. im not really an outdoors person, but street stuff has always been my favorite, ever since i started looking at good photo with more than just 'ooh that looks cool', and began to shoot myself. the thrill of capturing a random moment of natural street life is wonderful, and although yet i admit im too shy to capture true street moments as well as i possibly could, im getting there. taking natural photos of landscapes is another thing i find very satisfying. as u can probably see, i love shooting natural subjects in natural light. no offense to the geniuses who shoot in a studio, but i truly hate doing that myself. i feel the art of shooting in a studio is completely different, and more to do with lighting setups and other skills, such as arranging ur subject (model, product etc), lighting it perfectly.. and the actual part involving the camera is rarely more than a lazy press of the shutter. no, street and landscape for me, any day. and maybe the occasional natural portrait (if there is such a thing) or random people photos.

ive lately gone into oldschool film photography, using an old nikon SLR and a canon P rangefinder that i found in excellent condition for a real bargain, as well as a beautiful Lomo LC-A point n shoot classic. i find that the extra concentration and focus u put into using a manual film camera, as well as not being able to tell the result of the photo immediately, i end up with more satisfying images more often than not. its a different skill to digital, and im slowly learning this mode of photogaphy too.

as people who deal in film would probably know, shooting film is expensive, and im planning on developing my own film asap, and cut down on some of the costs! but that all takes time.

well until next time then. i'll stop here. cheers

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