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back to photography

Published February 25th, 2012

so im back to working the cameras after nearly 2 weeks taken off in my home studio, recording some music. music has always been my no.1, and the last two weeks were pretty engaging. got a lot of work done on a new song, and that's gonna be complete very soon i hope

so that means ive still not been able to test out my canon P - i really cant wait to see some of the shots i got on that!

wats new is that i got myself a new sekonic light meter, the L-308s flashmate, which is a step up from the L-208 twinmate that i was thinking of. the 308 is digital, and works as a flash meter as well.. gives me options to expand my work, into flash photography as well. i think its gonna really give me a lot of help, and will be a solid investment. no more having to carry around my DSLR to give me light readings for my rangefinder! im also close on buying a flatbed scanner that can scan film.. this will greatly reduce photo lab costs! and i can get my new film photos up here in no time, in higher quality, and for free! haha. cant wait.

until then, there's not much new going on. im thinking of starting a new blog on wordpress.. stuff to help new photographers out with, such as buying guides, tips on choosing the right equipment, even equipment discussions, and maybe even reviews if i get my hands on the right gear.. as well as some basic photo technique and theory 'lessons' that i hope to help new guys out with. its gonna be all based on wat ive learned as a photographer through self study as well as experience, and i hope it'll help people out. i'll post the link once its actually up... im still writing some basic content to give it a good kickstart, as well as thinking hard to come up with a good, unique blog title that has not been already taken on wordpress! until next time...


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