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different types of film

Published February 25th, 2012

just a quick note to share my results with different brands and types of film ive been using the last few months:

Fuji Superia/Superia X-tra (200, 400) - my standard C41 color negative film. cheap, very good, i use this to test any new equipment i have, or to take any shots where i do not need any special or high requirements. its not overly saturated or contrasty, but definitely not flat. i love this film

Fuji Reala (100) - probably the best color film ive used. its a professional grade film, and pretty pricey - but the grain is extremely fine (as expected at ISO 100 but even then, its fine), great colors that sort of pop out, nice contrast, nicely saturated.

Kodak Ektar (100) - similar to Reala - super fine grain, beautiful colors and contrast.. i like this film a lot. great for daylight color work

Fuji Neopan Acros (100) - my favorite black and white film so far - great grey tones, beautiful contrast, very fine grain, but not too fine so it loses its 'filmy' look. never got bad results with this film

Kodak Tri-X (400) - maybe the roll i used was expired (forgot to check), but i was rather disappointed with this roll's results.. very grainy, harsh blacks, not many tones in between black and white.. too strong contrast.. i'll try again before i stop using it

Kodak T-Max (100) - similar to Neopan Acros - very fine grain, very nice grey tones.. almost silvery.. not very contrasty.. guess u could bump it up once scanned.. i like it a lot too. Neopan's still my no. 1 b/w film though

Waiting to try: other b/w film such as Ilford or Kentmere. im also trying to get me some Kodak Portra color negative film. i'd like to try out some other C41 too, but i cant seem to figure out which stuff is still being manufactured, and which is discontinued (im not a fan of expired film, yet)

im also waiting to try out some slide film (E6) - got myself a roll of Fuji Provia, will be trying it out soon. i hear Fuji Velvia is great, as well as Kodak EktarChrome (unfortunately Kodak has decided to discontinue EktarChrome and EliteChrome)

however, please note that the colors, saturation, contrast and other aspects of the film can be controlled to a great degree by scanning software and photoshop. i just got a new scanner that handles film quite well.. and scanned some of my negatives. like with RAW files from a DSLR, u can do pretty much anything with it. for example, the photo lab scanned a photo of a flower that i had taken, and their scan shows it as a red flower. my RAW scan shows it as a purple flower. i can make it red if i want, but i seriously cant remember wat color it was originally. just shows wat can be done, i guess. although u should note that if the film is naturally flat, dead, with lifeless colors and stuff, u probably wont be able to make a great photograph out of it.. but with modern software, the film itself might not mean as much as it used to

will update when i have more results (along with some scans, i think! :)


b/w film

some rolls of fuji neopan acros black and white film

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Paul Hutchins  almost 5 years ago
Great post mate! I've recently started using film. Gone through a couple of different Ilford rolls and running a roll of Provia 400f at the moment.

Plan on giving the Neopan Across 100 go next.

Heshan Jayakody  almost 5 years ago
thanks! :) glad to know someone actually reads my posts haha.. i havent tried much slide yet, im thinking of going with some velvia or provia afterwards. i'll update with my thoughts on them!