Meant To Be?...

Published April 20th, 2012

Was browsing at the air tickets today for the returning to my future brand new life, then, it hit me. If I didn't lose that return flight to Sydney this time, I would book another return flights from Hong Kong to Sydney, which means I'll have to come back to Sydney first before I started my adventure in a strange city. Since I lost that ticket, I can go directly to the new place from my home. Before I came back to Australia this year, the plan never ever came up to my mind, not once. I couldn't imagine that I would be in someone's life this soon, it has always been a faraway tale to me. It's been set behind our lives. Just like the cafe I went, I took the photo when I was thinking about him, thinking about his photographs, thinking about him as a person, thinking about him as a remote fairy. While he wasn't into me at all and I am zero in his life. He came, I led him. We sat at the very same spot where my friend and I stayed, shooting the identical heart-shape-painted house from the still window. We didn't go back after the happiness arrived.



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