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Hayden Gascoigne

Hayden Gascoigne



I am a web creator and hobbyist photographer in Kansas City, Missouri.

Winter Storm "Q"

Published February 21st, 2013

"I should go take some pictures of the snow," I said. "It'll be fun," I said.

Winter storm "Q" bore down on Lincoln, Nebraska tonight, as well as much of the rest of the plains. I spent the daylight hours time lapsing the snow accumulation in anticipation of heading out at after the sun set to catch the sleepy streets covered in snow. After digging my Jeep out of the snow, cleaning it off, and throwing it into four-wheel drive, I headed out to find a good place to shoot.

At this point I noticed that my gloves didn't make my inventory check before I headed out. I told myself that it wouldn't be much of an issue as I only planned on being out in the elements for a matter of minutes. Upon arriving at my destination I realized that I sorely underestimated the conditions outside. With temperatures in the teens combined with an awfully low windchill, my hands alerted me quite quickly that they were not happy with my escapade into the snow.

After dodging the ocasional car that was cautiou ...

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