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Importance of marketing

Published March 11th, 2012

In order to become a popular photographer and not only that but to make money as well, you must become endowed in the techniques of marketing. One of the most important factors of having a strong photography brand is the watermark. You want to have a watermark that catches the eye but doesn't ruin the picture; something with information that can be used to contact you for future business.

Since this is such an important aspect of photography I have decided to change my watermark to something a little more professional and corporate looking... I have decided not to add a URL but a phone number instead, because I am more interested in grabbing local business and even if someone from another location sees my watermark they can still make a phone call and contact me... a phone number opens more doors than a URL. Please let me know what you think of this new logo/watermark thanks.


Animation LOGO



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