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Charles Hildreth

Charles Hildreth

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I know there are millions of artists out there. Tens of thousands galleries. I'm glad you're following me here, though. I'm not a great photographer, but what I love about the craft is light. The way it falls in from a window in the morning. The way dust dances in it during those silent moments as the day starts. Red streetlights against a deep blue sky before the sun sets in winter. I love how it allows me to tell a story with one strand on a face, or even when it blankets fields in summer. It has given me a new perspective on the entire world. And if you're my friend, maybe you share some of this with me. Perhaps you've gravitated to my work for this desire to create and show the world your view. And for a few moments, hopefully something I've showed inspires you - even if it's the most ordinary, quiet moment I've captured of a stranger.
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