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Published February 22nd, 2012

I apologize, but I accidentally deleted a few images from my portfolio. I thought this was only affecting a certain part of the site and not my actual displayed work. You may see a few repeated images. I'd love it if you could re-support them.

Thank you.

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Dreams of movie-making, and other moments:

Published December 12th, 2011

Every day seems to have the same beginning, middle and end lately. Wake up. Pop pills. Edit or drive to work. Be a photographer. Continue an endless search in my head for answers to our existence. Disappear in music, writing, or stumbling upon new artists. I can’t help but put more thought into the way we’re all connected. Existence made possible by energies.

“We’re all connected,” people say.

I braved the cold shadows of Denver’s streets this afternoon. The sun spilled through buildings and illuminated the opposite end of alleyways as I passed. The light was photographically speaking, perfect, especially around 3 as I found myself heading home. It was even on all things. I remember looking into the hazel eyes of a brown, long-haired dog chained to a Starbucks fence. It looked away in disinterest, eagerly awaiting its owner from within. I seemed to be walking against the grain of the outdoor mall’s patrons. I never feel like I’m walking the right direction. Though, I ...

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