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Bon Voyage Paris!

Published July 10th, 2012

For the first time watching the Eiffel Tower from window of paris taxi. The driver was african arab trying to increase the rate of driving along with selling his skills to me once he found I'm Khaleeji ( Arabs from Gulf Countries ).

I was Staggered with one of world seven wonder which we always heard about it only. Now its there and taxi not willing to drop us by sating "is not place for drop off!"

My wife was telling me how cold is outside, How we can stay out in this chili weather? Almost opposite side of Dubai weather.

It was year 2008 and Dubai in booming time, Taxi driver was continusly talking and convincing me to offer him a job in my country.

I hold my 50D and not sure what setting was, probably shutter priority mode.

Captured this moment where i found the eiffel on the go!

Bon Voyage!

Eiffel on the Go!

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