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It's a Chinese life

Published February 26th, 2013

Walking down a canal village in Suzhou, I was lucky to see the quaint life of the Chinese. The tempo slowed down tremendously as I walked the other side of 山塘街,苏州。I went down the other section of the street where it became less touristy and more interesting. Here's some of what my eye captured.

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Labouring Men

Published November 29th, 2012

Early morning in freezing winter, men go about carrying construction materials up in EmeiShan in China.

One of the holiest mountain peaks in China, it attracts Buddhist pilgrims throughout the year.

The story goes: "One day a hermit called Pugong was collecting medicinal herbs in Emei Shan when he suddenly saw a man with a halo around his head flying over on the back of a white elephant. Awe-stricken, Pugong followed the man to the summit where he found nothing but fleeting purplish clouds. Then he went to the Western Region to consult an abbot who told him that the man he saw was the holy person of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. Back to Emei Shan, Pugong converted his residence into a temple for worshipping Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. This became the first temple ever built in Emei Shan. There used to be more than 70 temples in Emei Shan when Buddhism was prevailing in China. To date, a dozen of them are still functioning”

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