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Hossam Horus

Hossam Horus



- Photography Portfolio : I'm Hossam Abdel-Hameed (Hossam Horus), 20 years old photographer from alexandria, In the third year of the secondary school, I started to take pictures 3 years ago. I started my adventure with Kodak Digital Camera ( C140 ) Till 2011 in which I got a Canon Eos Rebel T2i from USA, I couldn't express myself better expect with photography through which I found that I can show my character and focus on what I want the world to see by me, I am in love with my camera. it can catch what my eyes can not and I believe in the quote of "Turn your hobby into your Job". Only then you can spend more time in it and It's not only about money when you do what you love to do. When you are unique at your hoppy, you will be clever at your job, About 3 years ago, I attended my first meeting ever in Adasa Photography club and I was thrilled about it and since they are professionals they took the role of teaching me the basics of photography, then I started developing my skills through learning form books, internet and other sources and by time I took the chance of knowng well known photographers from all over the world and especially I had the pleasure of knowing someone like Herman Cater, As for my family and friends, they gave me the full support, even sometimes they help me as models or assistants and of course they have the credit of helping me becoming what I am today, I am focusing now on two types of photography, macro photography and modelling, so I am planning to meet more profissionals in these two areas and I am trying to gain more experience and knowledge about these techniques, People usually don't believe that it is really my work and they are allways surprised about how I managed to reach this level of professionalism at this age, My goal in The photography Field is To be a member of "National Geographic", Asking every One joined the page to give me his feedback on it , to rate my self to be The best one day :)

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