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Nikita Volkov

Nikita Volkov



I am interested in photography since 2008, for that time i was able to understand a lot and get to succeed. I've learned on my mistakes,but then my success made me believe in myself. And now i can't imagine how to live in other way: without creativity ,regular aim forward me, and desire to do beautifull and interesting things. For that, I live, dream and go to all my dreams and aims, believing in myself. In photography I like a lot of details, beautiful light and deep atmosphere of shots . I think, that it is better to bring one very cool shot, then a lot of usual, rather quality photos (it is pity that not all understand that ) I lont I am trying to love and find positive and healpfull things in all) I am always open for interesting and commertial suggestions Сlients Organization: Beeline Construction company" LenPromStroy " Fur company" Winter " Trading Company" Megapolis " Shop Graffiti Market St. Petersburg Administration Enterprise" Kartontol " law Firm 'Alliance entitled" Construction Company "Stroymaster" Ski School" ArtSki " Dr. med. Helmut Hafenscherer (Austria) Barbaresco Restaurant Artists: D.Masta Onyx (США) Марсель Каже Обойма 3XlPro Fresh Boy Bess(V-style) Sub Box inc. Dj Slow Dj Pill One Брюс Exxy Шарп Def Joint Dj 108
  • Canon 5d mII
  • Canon 35 1.4
  • Canon 135 2.0
  • Canon 580exII
  • Canon 16-35 2.8
  • Pixel King
  • Raylab 600


Published December 29th, 2013

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